Campus Life

Campus is the term that is applied to the grounds and the physical location of a university or a college. It is used for the grounds as a whole and the all of the buildings and facilities that can be found within it. It includes all the lecture halls, the libraries and even the dormitories for the students. The grounds would include the park like reservations for the school.

The term was first applied to the grounds of the College of New Jersey which eventually became Yale University. That was in the 18th century and the term was derived from the Latin term which means field. Since then the word has been adapted and used to describe the grounds of other schools as well. In those days the term was used to describe only a particular field within the school grounds, but as the years passed by it became used to describe the whole area that was within the school premises.


The term has also been applied to schools in other countries, though the learning institutions there have a different more urban setting. In those cases the word campus means all the buildings and facilities though they might be placed within a city.

Campus Life Tips- Living inside a campus while studying college can be quite an experience for a student. It is possibly the first time that a student would be spending a significant amount of time away from his parents. It is a period of adjustment and exploration as well as a period of preparation for the time when one would be truly leaving one’s family behind.

Here are some tips that a student should follow in order to make his adjustment towards campus life as easy as possible:

  1. There are plenty of orientations for a freshman student on campus. You should attend all of those in order to get all the useful information that you can use for adjusting to the life inside the campus.
  2. Become organized and start using a planner. You should come up with a schedule that would make the most out of your time.
  3. Join an organization that interests you and start participating in as many activities as you can. You will find that campus is such a fun filled experience.
  4. Start connecting with students and teachers alike. You should find people who are interested in the things that you like.
  5. It would be very easy to spend too much when you are on your own, so you should watch and be careful with your money.