Punjabi University is a centre of excellence with five star grading awarded by NAAC (UGC) and the Publication Bureau is an important wing of the University. The Publication Bureau was established in 1966 to bolster the development of Punjabi language, literature and culture as well as contribute more generally to teaching and research in Punjabi University. Entrusted with the task of publishing books and journals commissioned by the University, the Bureau has up to now published nearly two thousand titles covering a wide range of subjects in Punjabi, English and other languages. The list of publications includes general reading books, reference books, dictionaries and lexicons of exceptional merit; original books on religion, history, philosophy, social and natural sciences and literary criticism; translations and compendiums of creative writings; and highly informative monographs on Punjabi creative writers and artists. Some of the publications like The Encyclopaedia of Sikhism, English translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, various types of Kosh of Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the set of five volumes on world religions, History of Punjab, History of Punjabi literature in English and Punjabi, complete works of some eminent Punjabi writers and a score of other books have won international acclaim. And so have the University journals like The Journal of Religious Studies, The Panjab : Past and Present, Punjab History Conference Proceedings and Khoj Patrika. All the books are aesthetically produced, reasonably priced and easily procurable. You may buy these books for yourself or for your friends as there is no more appropriate gift to offer to an intelligent person than a book. Below is given the complete catalogue of our publications and the list of our agencies.

Catalogue :
Agencies :

    1. M/s Singh Brothers, Bazar Mai Sewan
    2. M/s Bhai Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh, Bazar Mai Sewan
    1. M/s New Book Company, Mai Hiran Gate
    2. M/s Sunder Book Depot, Mai Hiran Gate
    1. M/s Lahore Book Shop, 2-Lajpat Rai Market, Near Society Cinema
    1. M/s Garg Book Centre, Opp. District Courts, Near Rajindra Govt. College
    1. M/s Des Raj & Sons, Arna Barna Bazar