Who We Are

Punjabi University in Patiala, India was founded in 1962. Its original aim was to further the study and the promotion of the Punjabi language. It has served that purpose well and at the same time has grown to become the largest university in the state of Punjabi and one of the largest universities in India.
The campus is spread to more than 600 acres of land and it boasts of a faculty with more than 500 members. They have more than 9,000 students under a program that is very multifaceted. It has several campuses and more than 100 colleges attached to it.

The university has seen an alteration in its program and has changed its priorities. It has established research departments and has expanded in other areas making it a really multi-faceted institution.

That’s why at universitypunjabi.org we aim to promote awareness about this excellent institute of higher learning. The site is filled with information about the university that can be useful for anyone interested in the school, whether they are students or teachers who might interested in joining the faculty.
We have articles discussing the different colleges that are connected with the school. More important however is the information concerning the different careers that one can try to study while in the university. It explores the possibilities that might be opened by each career. That can be a useful tool for a student in deciding what career path he should be choosing.

There are articles there about web design which is a booming field and works in electrical technology which would always be in demand. There are also some details on how campus life would be like in the university.
We aim to make this site a one stop shop for anyone out there thinking of studying in Punjabi University.